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About Vidya Niketan

M.A QAVI BAHELMI was born on 15th August 1947. He started his career as a school councilor in year 1972, he is committed to his profession and the residential school he started in kamareddy is the first Muslim minority residential school. His Inspiration and dedicated work mushroomed in to one of the leading schools in A.P. The most important aspect is the way he imparts education, making the children disciplined innovative,self-dependent and a responsible citizen.

VIDIYANIKETAN ACADEMY follows guideline laid down by the government of Andhara Pradesh. For each calender year there are three terms and is divided into pre-primary, primary, secondary. The Academy is headed by Director who is responsible for the smooth functioning of the both administrative and academic matters.He is assisted by the academy director who exercise e overall supervision of curriculum and academics. The monitoring of all round development of the student is the responsibility of the academy head who is assisted by senior academic staff together with a team of expert subject teacher and advisor.

VIDYANIKETAN ACADEMY fouces on child-centric stress free education with a strong emphasis laid on the development of English language improving the skills in verbal, spoken & written aspects. The academy is well equipped with science laboratory to make subject content interesting and effective. The knowledge center houses books, journals, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and CS'S along with computer lab enriching wisdom. Children are encouraged to discover recreational interset in Arts,Craf, Literary and Culture activities.Education tours,Field trips,and expeditions apart from class learning enhance child's learning experience.

Our vision is a community alive with positive people in charge of their own destinies. Valuing themselves as significant and able appreciation the importance of others. Practicing personal and social responsibility caring for their community and the environment. Who accept others with tolerance adn compassion who live with courage and hope. Who voices celebrate and encourage whose life is build on integrity. Whose learning is life-long our legacy will be a better world for future generations.

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