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Vidya Niketan Academy



VVidya Niketan Academy Pre-Primary works Monday to Friday and has two levels according to age group.

PP-I Environment: 3-4 yrs

PP-II Environment: 4-5 yrs

Language Development Pre Reading & Pre Writting Skills.
Mathematics Pre-Number Concept.
General Knowledge Pre Reading & Pre Writting Skills.
Physical Development Grass & Fine Motor Skills.
Creative Development Emotional & Aesthetic.


In the Primary section (I-V) Childer follow a course in English, Mathematics, G.Science, E.V.S & Social, while Urdu, Telugu and Hindi are offered as optional for language studies. As strong emphasis is laid on the development of English language, improving the skills of the students in the verbal, spoken and written aspects.


  • V The core of secondary section(VI-X) course of study may be broadly classified in to the three categories namely the Science , the Arts & the Languages. Science is further divided into Mathematics, Physics ,Chemistry & Biology.The curriculum in the Arts deals in Social Studies which comprise History, Geography, Civics & Economics.Although certain coherence is strongly advised, not all activities are possible at the same time, especially in the context of outgoing students of class X whose time is mostly devoted to academics.

Extra Curricular

Islamic Studies Class I to IX
Arabic Language

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