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About Vidyaniketan

The founder of Vidyaniketan Academy, Mr. M.A. QAVI BAHELMI started his career as a school counsellor in 1972, continuing his ambition to achieve excellence in providing educational services and conducive environment for learning, he formed Vidyaniketan residential school in Kamareddy in the year 1974.

His Inspiration and dedication towards work mushroomed into one of the leading schools in Telangana. The most important aspect is the way he imparts education, making the children disciplined, innovative, self-dependent and responsible.

Our Engagement-Based Learning methodology is a combination of explore, involve, learn and project concept enables intellectual, mental, and physical growth. Our focus is on child-centric and stress-free education with a strong emphasis laid on the development of English language, improving verbal, and written skills and well-equipped science laboratory to make subject content interesting and effective.


M.A. Qavi Bahelmi (Chairman)

The knowledge centre houses books, journals, newspapers, encyclopaedias, and computer lab enriching learning experience. Children are encouraged to explore and discover recreational interest in Arts, Crafts, Literary, and other activities. Also does Educational tours, Field trips, and expeditions apart from class learning. All of this enhances child's learning experience.


The Education system in India has come a long way since our independence. A lot of changes were made to the methodology and approach by the Government of Telangana recently. Unlike other institutions we have made it our mission to embrace Engagement Based Learning model and tightly integrate it with traditional instructor led classroom education to prepare our students for future challenges - whatever they may face in the fast changing world.