Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

   Rules and Regulations to be followed by the Parents and Students


  •    Do not litter the campus.
  •    Use of all electronic devices is prohibited.
  •    Gifts, tips or favors of any kind to school staff are strictly prohibited.
  •    Damage to school property within the campus will not be tolerated.


  •    All members of VN Academy community are required to be respectful and courteous.
  •    Physical or verbal bullying will not be tolerated.
  •    Students are expected to obey the instructions of staff members.
  •    Visitors must be greeted respectfully and assisted.
  •    Polite and friendly interactions to be carried out with peers, elders and subordinates.
  •    Conversation at all times to be strictly in English.


  •    For willful breakage and damage to the School property, a fine will be imposed on the errant student.
  •    If an individual is not identified, then same will be charged to the entire group of students involved.
  •    The fine shall comprise replacement cost plus a fine of 50% of the replacement cost. However, in case of accidental breakages, only the replacement cost of the article will be charged.


  •    Any student leaving the campus will only be allowed to go out with parents or with authorized person only.


  •    Coming late to class/activity will be severely dealt with by the concerned teacher.
  •    Repeaters may be suspended.


  •    Use of abusive language is considered a grave offence and will invite immediate action against the offender.


In order to maintain the dignity/ethics of the School a student may be suspended, by the Principal on following grounds

  •    Repeated exhibition of disrespect to superiors.
  •    Poor conduct during School activities.
  •    Unethical acts of violence, disrespect, language, physical behavior towards peers/ seniors/subordinates.
  •    Poor attendance or breaking of School rules.

Expulsion policy

With the larger interest of student community in mind, the Principal has discretionary powers to expel a student, if the student

  •    Has shown great disregard to the School discipline.
  •    Has repeatedly, shown disrespect to the School ethics.
  •    Has been unable to come to the expected academic standards in spite of regular intervention.
  •    Has, through actions/behavior, brought the School community into disrepute.
  •    Medical condition that may harm the wellbeing of others.

Withdrawal Policy

Those who subsequently wish to withdraw during the academic year are entitled to pay the entire fee except in case of transfer (Central or State government).